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Day Trip From Marrakech To Ait Benhaddou And Ouarzazate

ait ben haddou day trip:If you are staying in Marrakech Morocco, then it is well worth taking a ait Benhaddou day trip from Marrakech to visit the ancient kasbahs and marvel at this scene which seems straight out of a desert movie

imlil day trip
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Imlil Day Trip From Marrakech | Atlas Mountains Tours | Imlil Excursion

Imlil day trip from Marrakech and Atlas mountains. Ride a mule and pass Berber villages and enjoy the stunning views of the countryside. Enjoy a traditional lunch in a Berber house and take a short walk with your driver before driving back to Marrakech, 

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Marrakech 2 Days Trip From Casablanca | Best Casablanca Marrakech Excursion

Casablanca Tours to  Explore the ocher city of Marrakech with our Casablanca to Marrakech 2 days to and enjoy the VIP treatment. Your own driver, fully qualified and accredited, will allow you to discover Marrakech city

luxury morocco travel
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Marrakech To Essaouira Excursion | Day Trip From Marrakech To Essaouira

Discover Essaouira Morocco With Marrakech day trip to Essaouira. During this excursion essaouira day tour from Marrakech, you can visit the old medina of Essaouira

Day trips from Marrakech

Marrakech day trips|Best day trips from Marrakech

Marrakech is that the third-largest city in Morocco after Casablanca. Its location makes it a perfect start line for exploring beyond its walls. Taking Morocco Private Day Trips or a Sahara Tours Marrakech to sahara desert is ideal for travelers visiting on a limited timeframe. Marrakech’s contrasting landscapes, exotic markets, delicious cuisine, and exceptional weather has made it a top destination for travelers. Visitors who have but one-week to explore Morocco can take a Top Desert Tour to the Sahara from Marrakech or instead choose a Tailor-Made Tour. All Sahara Tours Marrakech itineraries from Marrakech Travel Tours include visiting Ait Ben Haddou Ksar, lunch with a Berber family, or at the foot of the Todra Gorge, a sunset camel trek across the Erg Chebbi Dunes, and therefore the choice to overnight in a luxury desert camp under the Moroccan stars..

morocco day trips from Marrakech

The city of Marrakesh stimulates the imagination with its many souks and open-air markets where one can find thousands of spices and beautiful hand-made crafts. It’s definitely a very vibrant and colorful place to visit. It’s a city that is much more traditional and cultural than TangierRabat, or even Casablanca. It’s the starting point of many trips to the Morocco Sahara desert and it’s the first city most people visit when they arrive in Morocco. The city is full of culture and interesting history. It’s also a great place to taste Moroccan cuisine and learn Moroccan Arabic.

Marrakech Day Trips offer you the opportunity to experience areas of Morocco that other tour companies can’t. Whether you want to trek in the Atlas Mountains around the Berber villages or to the summit of Toubkal (the highest peak in North Africa at 4167m); experience the amazing sunset and sunrise over the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert or explore the heritage and culture of cities such as Marrakech, Fes, Chefchaouen and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ait Ben Haddou; Marrakech Day Trips can offer you an experience you will never forget!

one of our most popular tours and excursions from Marrakech  will take you trekking in the Atlas Mountains; to see the beauty of the waterfalls in Ourika Valley or Ouzoud Waterfalls; to visit the Morocco Sahara Desert and places such as Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, Ouarzazate and Merzouga desert; and to cities including Essaouira city, Casablanca Morocco and Agadir. If you are looking at getting away from the normal marralech excursions and tours, we at Luxuru Morocco tours  can also help you with this.

Our services about the Marrakech day tours include arrangements for accommodation hotels in Marrakech Morocco, transportation, and guided excursions, and trekking throughout Morocco. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group and/or looking for a cultural or adventurous experience we are here to work with you customizing the perfect itinerary for your holiday.

Marrakech morocco things to do in day trip:

best day trips from Marrakech

The city is full of history, culture and excellent Moroccan cuisine, where every turn you take open up a world of new shocks and surprises that will leave you breathless for days.

Beyond the historic walls of Marrakech,morocco this city located at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains is the perfect launching pad to the surroundings.

From deserts and waterfalls to Berber villages and rocky valleys, there are many day trips to make from Marrakech.

 The Ouzoud waterfalls

The Ouzoud Falls are an incredibly impressive set of waterfalls that plunge from high cliffs far into a huge basin.

The multi-level waterfalls fall from a maximum height of 110 meters. In an otherwise arid landscape, the place is a true oasis in the desert, where lush green vegetation is found among the rocky confines of this canyon.

The area is famous for its olive trees; after hiking to the falls, you can relax in the shade of these trees while feeling the refreshing breeze of the crashing waterfall filling the air with refreshing water jets.

If you really get too hot, you can even swim in the Al Abid River where the falls plunge directly into the water.

This is a glorious day trip from Marrakech, not to be missed.

Recommended marrakech day trips:Ouzoud falls in one day from Marrakech.

 the Sahara Desert Excursion

Sahara Desert, Morocco
Marrakech is surrounded by desert, however, the truly brutal and almost unbelievable scenery of the famous Sahara Desert only really begins when you are at least a few hours drive from the city itself.

The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world.

It is a place of extremes, where there is little water and where the sand dunes rise high in the horizon.

It is an almost mystical place – especially locally – and a trip even to the edge of the Sahara is an instructive experience.

Many people will choose to undertake expeditions of several days in the desert, guided by locals. However, if you are short on time, you can always go to where the Sahara begins and admire the rugged natural beauty before returning to Marrakech for the evening.

Multi-day tour: From Marrakech: shared 2 day Sahara desert trip from Marrakech to Zagora

Marrakech Agafay Desert Day Trip

If you prefer to stay closer to Marrakech and discover a desert closer to your accommodation, then the Agafay Desert – although not as famous or as sandy as the Sahara – is close to the city.

Located between the Atlas Mountains and Marrakech, the Agafay is an excellent day trip.

You won’t find the characteristic sand dunes that you might imagine, but you will find a rocky, arid and seemingly lifeless terrain that is difficult to understand in its rarity.

This is a place to visit in all humility – you may be able to visit some of the local villages and marvel at how people have managed to thrive here for thousands of years.

Recommended marrakech day trips: marrakech to Agafay Desert Day Trip

Essaouira excursion from marrakech

It is a welcome escape from the desert and the dry climate of Marrakech, and a trip here is a long but rewarding excursion.

Enjoy the magnificent sea breezes along the coast, as well as the culture and colorful buildings of the city.

The medina is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well worth exploring, while the narrow labyrinth of alleys and souks is the quintessence of Morocco.

Recommended Marrakech day trips: Day trip to Essaouira from Marrakech

 Casablanca morocco

Casablanca is the only other city that could rival Marrakech in terms of international fame.

The name Casablanca has gone down in history thanks to the film and the romantic connotations associated with it.

The reality is probably very different from what one might expect, and it’s a good thing to make just a day trip to the city – it’s a sprawling urban mass.

Recommended Marrakech day trips: Day trip to casablanca from Marrakech

The Atlas Mountains Excursion

The mountain range extends over three countries and the highest peak rises to over 4000 meters.

The Atlas Mountains are an integral part not only of the local geography, but also of the local Berber history and culture.

Marrakech is an excellent place to get into the mountains; many valleys and villages are accessible by day trips from the city.

Recommended Marrakech day trips: Day Trip To Imlil Valley Atlas Mountains

The Ourika Valley

The beautiful Ourika Valley is located 50 kilometers south of Marrakech, in the cool shade of the Atlas Mountains.

The valley is full of small local villages that have been there for centuries, while the cool climate makes it a lush and green place to explore, especially during the hot summer months when Marrakech can get scorching.

Waterfalls, mountains and epic landscapes await you wherever you go.

Recommended Marrakech day trips:Day Trip To Ourika Valley From Marrakech

Imlil Valley

Imlil is a local Berber village which is located in altitude in the Atlas Mountains.

Located at 1800 meters above sea level, it is in a spectacular environment.

Many visitors will use Imlil as a base to go even further into the mountains on hikes of several days, including the summit of Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in the chain.

But it is quite possible to simply explore the area for the day – see how the Berbers lived here and adapted their way of life to the mountains and even do some short hikes in the surrounding area.

Recommended Marrakech day trips:imlil day trip from marrakech

12. Ait Benhaddou Kasbah

Ait Benhaddou is a wonderful UNESCO World Heritage Site on the edge of the Sahara Desert.

It is an ancient and fortified city that has guarded the trade routes across the desert for centuries.

Today, the city is best known for the impressive number of films that have been shot there.

You will most likely recognize the walls, towers and streets from at least one film you have seen.

Despite its tourist fame, the city is still an incredible and distinctive example of Morocco’s architecture and history and is well worth the three hour dusty drive from Marrakech to see it.

Recommended Marrakech day trips:Day trip from Marrakech to Ait Benhaddou and Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate City

Further down the road, south of Ait Benhaddou, is the fortified city of Ouarzazate.

Like its neighbor, Ouarzazate is also used as a film location by many studios and has been used in countless historical epics and desert films.

This is also where the Sahara begins: after the high plateau on which the city is built has disappeared to the south, the desert sand dunes really begin.

Recommended Marrakech day trips:Marrakech To Fint Oasis Ouarzazate


Oukaïmeden is a very high altitude resort located in the snowy peaks of the Atlas Mountains.

At the right time of the year, it offers an incredible contrast with the plain and Marrakech.

There is no more sun, heat and desert, but snow, wind and cold.

It is a famous ski resort in the country and being only two hours drive from Marrakech, you can literally spend the day skiing before returning to the warmer climes of the city for the night.

Guide Morocco Tours organize Best Marrakech day trips, day trips from and to Fes, Casablanca Tours, Marrakech Excursion, Camel trek in Merzouga …Book the most popular Marrakech desert trips, Morocco desert tours, and day trips from Marrakech to Morocco Sahara desert. Marrakech excursions and day tours.morocco tours from Marrakech.

Less than an hour from Marrakech

Because the Atlas Mountains are too magnificent to be seen from just one point of view, hop in a hot air balloon and admire these shockingly beautiful peaks as the sun looks down on them. This tour of Marrakech looks more like a morning tour. It lasts about 5 hours in total, but you do it so early (to see the sunrise) that you still have the whole day!

Hot air balloon in Marrakech

You will receive snacks, tea and pastries before the launch. Then, once ashore, you will be able to sit in a tent overlooking the mountains while enjoying a full breakfast of typical Berber spread. As a bonus, this tour allows you to take a camel ride in the desert!

If this tour from Marrakech seems super epic, it is also, unfortunately, the most expensive of the list! But hey, #treatyoself!

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Our morocco day trips include:

Fes Morocco day trip
Casablanca morocco day trip

Are you on a budget? does one fancy a 1 day Marrakech excursion? Out of the bustling Medina, enjoying the character and therefore the countryside around the core red city of Marrakech? Then we’ve got what you’re trying to find. Our daily day trips and Marrakech excursions that depart daily will satisfy your needs. From each day tour to Ouzoud waterfalls, each day trip to Ourika Valley & the Atlas Mountains, a Marrakech excursion to Ouarzazate & Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou or an Atlantic Coast escape to a full-day excursion from Marrakech to Essaouira. essaouira day trip from marrakech Every morning, you’re guaranteed daily departures. you’ll join a little group tour. In an air-conditioned, modern minibus. With a driver or guide who speaks English