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 Marrakech Tours To Zagoura
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2-Day Zagora Tour From Marrakech | 2 Days Zagora Trip

shared a 2 day Sahara desert trip from Marrakech to Zagora

in small groups not exceeding 17 participants. Ride your camel in Zagora and spend the night at a Sahara desert camp. enjoy best Zagora desert trips from Marrakech

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3 Days Marrakech To Erg Chegaga Desert Tours | Best Erg Chigaga Tour

3 days Marrakech to erg chigaga tour  dunes may be a much younger and less-frequented destination. Erg chegaga dunes are within the southeast of Marrakech, towards the Algerian border and they are located over 60 kilometers far away from the closest town Mhamid.

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4 Day Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour | Marrakech To Fes Desert Tours 4 Days

Marrakech to fes 4 day Sahara tour via Kasbahs, Old villages, Atlas mountains, palm grooves, Todra & Dades gorges, Sahara desert, Camel trek for an overnight at desert Camp under shining stars. Watch Sunset & Sunrise from Erg Chebbi sand dunes

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4 Days Desert Tour From Marrakech | Best Marrakech Desert Tours 4 Days

Enjoy the Best Of Marrakech Desert excursion in 4 days and get an amazing experience with  Luxuru Morocco Tours,these marrakech to Merzouga 4 days private desert tour. It is one of the best Morocco desert tours and travels for all those who want to experience the Morocco South Sahara desert and do not have more time

 Marrakech Tours To Zagoura
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6 Days In Marrakech | Best Marrakech Desert Tours 6 DAYS

In this 6 Days Morocco desert tour from Marrakech, we will take you through the Morocco tours and travel To southern cities. This morocco desert tours is best for those who wanted to explore the rich heritage of southern cities in Morocco with leisure

 Marrakech Tours To Zagoura
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Luxury 3 Days Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour | Marrakech Luxury Desert Tours

Enjoy Best Of Morocco Sahara desert tours,and get a great experience with Marrakech to fes desert tours, In This 3 days Marrakech to fes desert tour luxury will take you through The Atlas Mountains, Ait Benhaddou Unesco heritage and southern valleys to the Erg Chebbi in the Desert Of Merzouga.

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Marrakech 2 Days Trip From Casablanca | Best Casablanca Marrakech Excursion

Casablanca Tours to  Explore the ocher city of Marrakech with our Casablanca to Marrakech 2 days to and enjoy the VIP treatment. Your own driver, fully qualified and accredited, will allow you to discover Marrakech city

marrakech desert tours
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Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour 5 days | Marrakech To Fes Desert Tours 5 days

5 days tour from Marrakech to fes gives you an opportunity to explore a big part of the Morocco Sahara desert, via atlas mountains, valleys, kasbahs, camel trek and night at the desert camp

Shared 3 Days Marrakech Desert Tour To Merzouga
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Shared 3 Days Marrakech Desert Tour To Merzouga

.The 3-day desert tour from Marrakech is rich in scenery; you will never be bored as you will be busy admiring one scene after another. The dramatic landscape change is amazing. From the fertile Haouz plains around Marrakech to the High Atlas Mountains,kasbahs,small villages .

Shared Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour 3 Days | Marrakech To Fes Desert Tours
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Shared Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour 3 Days | Marrakech To Fes Desert Tours

This 3 days SHARED desert tour from the Marrakech package will take you through The Atlas Mountains, Ait Benhaddou Unesco heritage, and southern valleys to the Erg Chebbi in the Desert Of Merzouga. 

Private  Marrakech desert tours-Marrakech Desert Trips

We organize daily Marrakech desert trips & Marrakech tours to several destinations.

Marrakech is that the third-largest city in Morocco after Casablanca. Its location makes it a perfect start line for exploring beyond its walls. Taking Morocco Private Day Trips or a Sahara Tours marrakech to sahara desert is ideal for travelers visiting on a limited timeframe. Marrakech’s contrasting landscapes, exotic markets, delicious cuisine, and exceptional weather has made it a top destination for travelers. Visitors who have but one-week to explore Morocco can take a Top Desert Tour to the Sahara from Marrakech or instead choose a Tailor-Made Tour. All Sahara Tours marrakech itineraries from Marrakech Travel Tours include visiting Ait Ben Haddou Ksar, lunch with a Berber family, or at the foot of the Todra Gorge, a sunset camel trek across the Erg Chebbi Dunes and therefore the choice to overnight in a luxury desert camp under the Moroccan stars..

morocco travel holidays organize Marrakech private desert tours, tours from Fes, Casablanca tours, Day Trips from Marrakech , Camel trek in Merzouga …Book the most popular Marrakech desert trips, Morocco desert tours, and day trips from Marrakech to Morocco Sahara desert. Marrakech excursions and day tours.morocco tours from marrakech.

Things to do in the Sahara desert- Marrakech Desert trips IDeas

The Morocco Sahara Desert is one of the most authentic regions you will visit. Of course, there are people who try to make a living from tourists, but their way of life does not exist anywhere else in Morocco.Desert cities are dusty, compact and rudimentary in their facilities, but they capture the imagination like nowhere else.Walking in a desert city and in the dunes is the best way to experience them, and perhaps to fall in love with them as we have done.

lots of travelers come to Morocco with the express intention of venturing into the sahara desert and spending a night under the stars with Morocco Desert Camp. And we can’t blame them! A desert adventure is a unique opportunity not to be missed.

Below you will find the Morocco Sahara Desert Full Guided Information in first .best Sahara desert tours from marrakech.with Marrakech Desert trips Ideas .And Recommendation :

How far is the Sahara Desert from Marrakech-marrakech guided tours?

Marrakech is about 600 km from Merzouga Desert , a city located near the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi and about 360 km from Zagora, near the dunes of Erg Chigaga. Most roads pass through mountain passes and through highways and basic rural roads, although they are well maintained. To get from Marrakech tours to the Sahara, you should allow at least 1 full day’s drive (between 7 and 111hours), one way. Plan your time accordingly. Keep in mind that on the way to the Sahara, there is a lot to see, do and live. We recommend that you plan a few days for your marrakech desert trips in order to slow down the pace and discover all the cultural and wonderful landscapes that you will inevitably encounter en route.

What is the Best time of the year to visit the Sahara Desert?

The best time to visit the Sahara Desert is between May and October. During this period, daytime temperatures are milder. During the Saharan winter (and especially in December and January), night temperatures drop below freezing. Sandstorms are more frequent between January and May. The summer months (late June-early September) can be unbearably hot, with daytime temperatures in July and August often reaching 50 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit).

Things to do in the Sahara desert

Sleeping Under the Stars in the Sahara|the desert of dreams-marrakech desert trips

Sleep in the desert, under a million stars! I cannot describe the experience and do it justice. Just do it. Watching the sunrise and sunset from a tent camp will leave you speechless before the natural beauty of the world’s largest desert.

Camel trekking-Sahara desert tours from marrakech

It is quite normal to take a Merzouga camel ride to your campsite for the night if you are on an organized tour. These are not the most comfortable animals to ride and your guide will always be on foot along the camel train.But it is a once in a best saraha thing to do. Once you arrive in the desert, people will not fail to offer to take you for a hike. That’s why it is much cheaper to organize your hike when you arrive. But don’t forget to haggle. It’s hard!

Take Sahara Quad Biking Adventures

If you drive your own vehicle, it will be almost impossible to bring large trucks or heavily loaded 4x4s to the top of the highest dunes.Renting a powerful and light quad is a fun way to play in the dunes of the Sahara. The 1 and 2 hour trips are easy to organize, but they can be expensive.

Of course, you should expect tough negotiations with tour operators.Please be careful. The dunes may seem soft and gentle, but if you land in an uncomfortable position at high speed, you will be in trouble.

Sand surfing

There are many possibilities to rent windsurfing boards and sand skis around the populated dunes. It’s fun to do, once or twice, but there are no lifts, so you have to walk up the dune each time.

To improve the performance of the ski, rub the candle wax on the base. Otherwise, you can always use your shovel and a rope.

Morocco Sahara spa day

Who would have thought that one of the best things to do in the Sahara Desert would be to spend a day at the spa? But this is no ordinary spa!

The people of Merzouga swear to bury themselves up to their necks in the sand of the Sahara, as it is said to be good for aching muscles and limbs.In the heat of summer, towards the hottest point of the afternoon, you will find inhabitants burying themselves in the sand. They claim that it clears the body of diseases, especially arthritis. Keep in mind that in the summer, the temperature of the ground can reach well above 50°c, which makes it not a comfortable place to stay for a certain period of time.But beware, don’t bury yourself for more than 15 minutes as it can cook you to death. We have heard about people who have experienced this!

Meet the locals nomads

You won’t have much choice in this matter. You think you are alone but the Berber people, fossil sellers, and camel tour operators will find you!

This is a great opportunity to discuss and get a glimpse of the life of the desert dwellers.

Enjoy A Sahara Sunset

Walk on the dunes at sunset or even better, before dawn to observe the spectacular and magnificent change of color of the sand. In this soundproof peace and tranquility, the kaleidoscope of colors will amaze you and leave a lasting impression in your memory.

Of all the things to do in Morocco’s Sahara Desert, this experience will always beg you, one way or another, to return one day to this breathtaking landscape.

Others Activities of Morocco Sahara Desert?

Beyond camel riding and stargazing, you may be surprised at the number of activities there is to do in and around the desert regions of Morocco!

Fossil hunting. This region is rich in fossils and there are several well-known places where you can be sure to find a fossil to take home with you.
Visit with a semi-nomadic family. With a trustworthy guide who translates, you will be able to understand a little more about their way of life.
Listen to Gnawa music. Although popular throughout Morocco, especially in Essaouira, the desert is the true home of Gnawa music.

Explore the sand dunes. Sometimes there is nothing better than jumping into the unknown on top of your favorite camel (or 4×4).
Visit Sijilmassa. Located near Rissani, next to the Erg Chebbi dunes, this ruin was once the most important trading post, linking Morocco across the desert with Egypt, Sudan, and Ghana.
Shop in the local markets. Rissani has the largest market in the region , Thursdays and Saturdays, while Zagora has a lively market every Wednesday and Sunday.
At night there is often music and campfires and in the desert camps.
The desert sky comes alive at night and it is very rewarding to learn more about the special astronomy of its nomadic peoples.

spend night at desert morooco

Marrakech Desert tours Ideas and Tips

Trips in the Sahara desert from marrakech
Excursions to the Sahara desert from marrakech are the most popular activities in this imperial city. The trip takes about 12 hours to reach Erg Chebbi .

marrakech merzouga distance:560km

You can’t make an excursion in the Sahara desert in one day from Marrakech.

Merzouga, the gateway to the Sahara, is 350 miles or about 560 kilometers of winding mountain passes and dizzying curves away from Marrakech. Therefore, one should not expect to be able to reach the Sahara in one day from Marrakech. You need at least three days, which implies long car journeys. It takes about 12 hours by van in each direction between Marrakech and Merzouga, not including stops, so expect to spend a good part of your moroccan desert 3-day tour from marrakech in the Sahara desert on the road.

If you only have time to make a day trip from Marrakech, you simply won’t be able to see real sand dunes like the ones you can see in Merzouga and Erg Chebbi, period. Readjust your expectations in order not to be disappointed. If you only have one day, you can take a camel ride through the rocky desert and palm grove outside Marrakech. The prices are quite reasonable .

With Marrakech desert trips 2 days you are a little better off – you can go to the desert of Zagora and do a camel ride at sunset, a night in the desert, and a camel ride at sunrise the next day.

Excursions to Zagora are a little more expensive than a day trip, of course, but they are still good value for money, with less than $50 per the must cheap Marrakech desert tours.

check our 2 days zaougar desert trips

For Good Sahara Experience, It takes marrakech 3 days desert tours . and if you can afford it, I highly recommend it. In my opinion, the rocky desert and palm oasis are not nearly as spectacular as the Sahara Desert, and therefore should only be booked if you have extremely limited time or funds and if you have a camel ride on your to-do list in Morocco.

The Zagora Desert is closer to what you would expect from a Sahara Desert tour, but it is still a ton of road plus one night, so I strongly advise you to do the full three day tour instead. It’s not much more money (about $30 more than the Zagora tour), and absolutely nothing in my life compares to the beauty of seeing the sun rise and set in the Sahara Desert with my own eyes.

check our 3 days Sahara desert tour from marrakech(shared and private)!

marrakech desert trip to the Sahara Desert in 2 Day,Its Possible?

Yes, but probably not in the way you think you can do it. If you were thinking of taking 2 days trip to the Sahara Desert from Marrakech, think again. If it wasn’t obvious to you now, let’s just say that marrakech city are located very, very far from the desert. You can’t get to the middle of nowhere in no time! It takes at least a whole day to get to the Sahara from either of these options for how don’t have much time is to take a marrakech desert tours 3 days .

However, if you are short of time or simply not seduced by the idea of camping under the stars, it is perfectly possible to explore the Sahara Desert for 2 days with Zagora tours from Marrakech. To do so, you will have to choose accommodation as a base from which to start at a striking distance from the sand dunes..

Does Luxury Morocco Tours  organize trips to the Sahara Desert From marrakech?

Yes, we do! We have 7 fes and Marrakech desert tours that you can customize. Each of them takes you to the Sahara desert. Our eclectic 10-day tour of Morocco will take you to some of Morocco’s imperial cities and includes an hour camel ride in the desert, a sunset over the dunes of Erg Chebbi, and a night in a traditional Bedouin-style tent in the Sahara. We also organize a 10-day tour in the Erg Chigaga that starts in fes and Marrakech and takes you to the less crowded sand dunes of the Erg Chigaga for two nights. All our tours are fully customizable and you can also contact us to create your own private sahara desert tour from marrakech.

1) 2-Day Zagora Desert Trip

You have a weekend free and you want to discover the authentic Moroccan culture? This 2 day marrakech desert tour to Zagora allows you to get a glimpse of the beautiful country outside the traditional views of the cities. You will spend the night in luxurious Berber-style tents under the collection of bright stars that fill the sky.To make the experience even more authentic, camels will carry you across the desert to the camp as the sunsets. When the golden sun welcomes you in the morning, you will get on your camel and return to Zagora. Amidst the sunsets, morning hues, starry skies and camel rides, you will enjoy a delicious dinner and breakfast!

On the way to Zagora, you will have the opportunity to stop at the prehistoric kasbah of Aït Benhaddou.

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Private marrakech desert tours with Camel Ride

It would be absolutely heartbreaking to leave Morocco without exploring the vast, gentle sand hills that permeate the Sahara Desert. It is a land where the endless sky and the brown dunes collide to create a bewitching view.

En route to the marrakech Sahara tour (Zagora or Merzouga), you will cross the picturesque Atlas Mountains in your private 4×4. You will also pass through the historic city of Ouarzazate, nicknamed the Hollywood of Africa. Once you arrive in the desert, you will ride a camel for a picturesque two-hour ride to your camp. Fall asleep under the countless stars that dot the night sky.

Finally, this escapade will make you discover a surplus of various Moroccan curiosities while benefiting from private transportation, a private guide, and accommodation.

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Marrakech to Fes in 3 Days Desert Tour|3 days desert tour from marrakech to fes

Visit the desert from Marrakech and finish your tour in Fez. This is an interesting option if you plan to go to the north of Morocco and visit other cities. The same tour is proposed in the other direction: from Fez to the desert of Merzouga to finish in Marrakech, you will find yourself surrounded by ever-changing landscapes and terrain. You will travel on the winding roads of the High Atlas, then you will make a stop in the remarkable and historical kasbah of Ait Benhaddou. And you will meander through the imposing canyons of Todgha.

The second night, you will ride a camel to your camp while the sun melts into the dunes.When you get to Fez, following your night under the starry sky, you will ride along the azure-blue Ziz River. Finally, a rugged mountainous terrain will replace the undulating sand dunes. Soon after, you will arrive in Fez, where colorful souks and unique architecture will choke you.

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marrakech to fes desert tours 3 days price is depent on numbers of persons and type of tours(shared or luxury or standards)

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Shared 3 Days Marrakech to Merzouga desert tours

You are only in Morocco for a few days, but you want to be sure to do your best to see every corner of the country? It can be difficult to see everything. However, this three-day tour of the Sahara Desert gives you the chance to see images of some of Morocco’s most impressive landscapes and wonderful archaic architecture.

During this Marrakech desert trip, you will cross the breathtaking Atlas Mountains, marvel at the assemblage of ancient buildings of the Aït Benhaddou and see Berber villages. Towards the end of the second day, you will ride on a camel to the Erg Chebbi, while the sunlight fades at dusk. At the campsite, the inhabitants will welcome you with traditional animations. And you will enjoy a hearty Moroccan dinner.

its same things about shared marrakech to fes desert tour.-best marrakech to fes desert tour

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3 Days Tour Marrakech to Merzouga tour by Way of Dadès Valley with Erg Chebbi Camel Trek

This Sahara tour Marrakech 3 days will take you from the vibrant and bustling city of Marrakech through the winding roads of the Tizi-n-Tichka pass, where the landscapes flourish, to the astonishing beauty of the Sahara desert.On the way, you will see a plethora of magnificent sites! Once you have finished zigzagging through the High Atlas mountains, you will stop at the kasbah of Aït Benhaddou. Next, you will stop in Skoura, a picturesque historic town full of caravan stories! You will spend the night in a comfortable hotel.On the second day, you will travel to the Morocco Sahara desert. Upon arrival, a camel will take you to your evening destination: luxurious camping in Erg Chebbi. Let the stars, the sound of local songs and shows, and the soft desert air incite you to calm.

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costumaize your luxury sahara desert tour from marrakech by contacting us

4 Days Merzouga Desert Trip from marrakaech

You have time to waste and want to make sure you see the best of Morocco before you go home? If so, you might consider taking this private marrakech desert trips that will take you through mountain ranges, desert sands, Berber villages, dizzying gorges and ancient fortresses.

You will spend two nights in a standard or deluxe hotel and one night in a well equipped campsite amidst the stars and the refreshing desert air. During this trip you will explore Ouarzazate, the Hollywood of Africa. You will also visit the fortresses that dot the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Aït Benhaddou.

This 4 trip from Marrakech to merzouga includes a camel ride, some walks and a private transfer in 4×4. In addition to exploration, this tour also offers you breakfast, dinner, and accommodation!

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4 Day Private desert Tour from Marrakech End In Fes

You want to spend more time enjoying the sights of Morocco? Perhaps the above-mentioned three-day trip to Fez from Marrakech will seem too short!However, this Marrakech 4 day private trip will give you plenty of time to bask in the Moroccan landscape. From the fresh air circulating in the High Atlas Mountains to a guided tour of the Atlas Film Studio to a camel ride in the Merzouga Desert (and much more besides), there is a lot to discover.In other words, this trip allows you to immerse yourself in the vast and varied landscapes of Morocco. Your trip from Marrakech to Fez will not be boring, that’s for sure!

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marrakech to fes desert tour price depend on number of persones and type of us for more information

6 Days Marrakech Desert Tours to Fes Casablanca Via Merzouga Desert 

Tour From Marrakech To fes and Casablanca via  Merzouga desert is one of the best of Sahara desert tours from Marrakech. Nobody rushes within the desert. In one among the foremost visually stunning places on Earth, take some time to get the ways of the nomads that live there, watch the sunset over the sand and see stars during a way you’ve got never done before. Interact with the map and concentrate to ascertain where your adventure takes you. For further details click on the map’s top-left icon. celebrate exploring! Take a personal 6 day Morocco tour from Marrakech and luxuriate in the VIP treatment. Your own guide, fully qualified and accredited, will allow you to experience the South of authentic Morocco within the absolute best way.

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Marrakech To Fes Desert Tour 5 days

5 days tour from fes to Marrakech it gives you an opportunity to explore a big part of the Sahara desert,via atlas mountains, valleys, kasbahs, camel trek and night at desertcamp,join our Marrakech to fes desert tour in 5 days and spend enough time in morocco desert trips.Enjoy Our Best 5 days tour from fes to desert end in marrakech.

Marrakech to fes desert tour 5 days start with visiting Ait Ben haddou kasbah – Ouarzazate, Skoura, Rose valley, Dades Gorges, Todra Gorges, enjoy the camel ride in Merzouga desert spend the night in a desert camp, the end tour in Fez city. These 5 days Morocco tour from Marrakech to fes tourist circuits in Morocco.

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 Are you on a budget? does one fancy a 1 day Marrakech excursion? Out of the bustling Medina, enjoying the character and therefore the countryside around the core red city of Marrakech? Then we’ve got what you’re trying to find. Our daily day trips and Marrakech excursions that depart daily will satisfy your needs. From each day tour to Ouzoud waterfalls, each day trip to Ourika Valley & the Atlas Mountains, a Marrakech excursion to Ouarzazate & Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou or an Atlantic Coast escape to a full-day excursion from Marrakech to Essaouira. essaouira day trip from marrakech Every morning, you’re guaranteed daily departures. you’ll join a little group tour. In an air-conditioned, modern minibus. With a driver or guide who speaks English